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中国著名旅游景点英文介绍 1. The Great wall The Great Wall, located in northern China, is 6,700 kilometers long and thus known as the “10,000



中国著名旅游景点英文介绍 1. The Great wall The Great Wall, located in northern China, is 6,700 kilometers long and thus known as the “10,000-li Great Wall”. Construction of the wall went on for more than 2,000 years, from 7 th century to 14 th century AD. The wall has become a symbol of both China's proud historyand its present strength. 2. The Palace Museum The Palace Museum, also called the Forbidden City, is located in the center of Beijing. The imperial palace used by emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the largest and most complete ancient wooden-structure building complex in the world. Construction of the Forbidden City started in 1406 and lasted 14 years. 24 emperors were enthroned there. 3. Zhoukoudian: Home of the Peking Man Remains of the Peking Man (homo erectus) are located on the Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian Village, Fangshan District, Beijing. In the 1920s, archaeologists discovered the complete skull of Peking Man. Later, more skull bones as well as stone and bone instruments were unearthed. Peking Man lived 690,000 years ago, during Paleolithic times. Findings indicate that Peking Man knew how to make fires. 4. Qinshihuang's Mausoleum and Terra-cotta Army Qinshihuang's Mausoleum is located in Lintong District, 35 kilometers east of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province. Construction ofthe mausoleum lasted 38 years and involved over 700,000 workers. Over the years, a total of 50,000 important cultural relics have been unearthed. In 1980, two bronze painted horse-drawn chariots were unearthed. They are the largest and most complete bronze chariots and horses discovered so far. In 1974, farmers who were digging a well about 1.5 kilometers east of Qinshihuang's Mausoleum discovered three vaults containing Qinshihuang's Buried Legion. The largest of the three vaults contains 6,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors and horses. The collection of warriors is often dubbed the“eighthwonder of the world”. 5. The Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang Dunhuang Grottoes comprise of the Mogao grottoes, West 1,000-Buddha Cave, and Yulin Cave. The Mogao Grottoes, representative of the three sites, are located 25 kilometers southwest of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. Construction of the grottoes began in 366 AD. The well-designed grottoes are a treasure house containing painting, sculptures, documents, and cultural relics. 6. The Huangshan Mountain Located in Huangshan City in southern Anhui Province, the scenic area of the Huangshan Mountain covers 154 square kilometers and is famous for its four wonders: strangely-shaped pines, grotesque rock formations, seas of clouds and hot springs. It also features a natural zoo and botanical garden. 7. Huanglong The Huanglong Scenic Area is located in Songpan County, Sichuan Province. Calcified ponds, beaches, waterfalls and embankments characterize Huanglong scenery. 8. Chengde Summer Resorts and Surrounding Temples Chengde Summer Resort, known as “The Mountain Hamlet for Escaping the Heat”, is located in northern Chengde, Hebei Province. Qing Emperors used to spend their summer days handling state affairs at the resort. Construction of the resort lasted from 1703 to 1792. It is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace outside the capital. Many of the scenic spots around the resort's lake area mimic famous landscaped gardens in southern China, and the buildings of the Outer Eight Temples feature architectural style of minority ethnic groups such as Mongolian, Tibetan and Uygur. 9. Qufu, Confusius'Mansion, Temple and Cemetery Qufu, in southwestern Shandong Province, was the capital of the state of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) and the hometown of Confusius, a great thinker and educator. Confucius'Mansion was the residence of Confucius' eldest male descendants for generation. The mansion holds more than 9,000 volumes of archives dating from 1534 to 1948 and many cultural relics, ancient costumes, and utensils. Confucius' Temple is famous for its 2,000 stone steles and more than 100 portrait stones from the Han Dynasty. Confucius'Cemetery houses tombs for Confucius and his descendants. 10. Ancient Buildings on the Wudang Mountain The Wudang Mountain, located in northwestern Hubei Province, is a sacred Taoist mountain that is best known as the birthplace of Wudang martial arts. The Gold Hall built on the mountain in 1416 represents advanced architectural styleand building techniques of that period. 11. Potala Palace Potala Palace in Lhasa is situated on Red ...


Hello, Jim, my dear!I was, this Sunday, I'd like to invite you to go to the seaside barbecue, with my father, mother, sister, and grandma, because my sister from the United States, you want to come back in a play, get together, so I have invited you and we come together. We agreed to my leg on Sunday morning at seven o 'clock, note: you need to take an umbrella, maps, telescope, cameras, hope we have a happy weekend!Love you, Tom亲爱的吉姆,你好!我是,这个星期天,我想邀请你去海边烧烤,随行的还有我的爸爸,妈妈,姐姐,以及奶奶,因为我姐姐从美国留学回来,大家想在一起玩一玩,聚一聚,所以我特意邀请你和我们一起聚会。


一篇关于介绍旅游地点的英语作文 50字左右。


hello,I think you may choose this scenic spot.It is in the northest of China.You will stay at a hotel named Hongxing near the city.But it will not have a kitchen.You can do many sports there.Such as you like swimming and walking around,there is a small park and a swimming pool for you near the hotel.And It will not cost you too much money,so you can enjoy your travelling there.——————————————————————————————本人初一,文学略浅薄,望谅。




要将英语口语学标准 重点就是老师教学经验,东南亚口音重 一定要找欧美籍 发音纯正非常重要,一定要多听听比较老师的差异性,避免学出奇怪口音!现今的英语学习讥构是很多.好.呀 所以记得选择的时候要很慎重!我之前去学的时候特地比较好几家,最后我去了ABC天卞口语,时间安排由我们自己定 在家上课随时可以跟外教学口语 推荐去听下他们的轻松试听课程 货比三家嘛。


关于夏威夷旅游的英文介绍 (有中文对照)


For most of us, Hawaii begins to weave her spell(魅力)with some little glimmer(微光) of awareness. Golden beaches and golden people. Sun, sand, sea, and surf……And somewhere between the blue skies and the palm trees(棕榈树)……we're hooked(吸引). 对于大部分人来说,那些星星点点的关于夏威夷的印象,足以让我们沉浸于她的魅力。



The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth. The weather is friendly. The temperature ranges(在一定范围内变化)from 60-90 degrees all year long. It's a little warmer in summer, and a little cooler in winter, but every day is a beach day for somebody. 夏威夷岛是世界上最美丽的地方之一。



There are no strangers in Paradise. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Hawaii is the genuine(与生俱来的)warmth of people. We call it the spirit of Aloha(爱). It has allowed a melting pot(熔炉)of cultures from all over the world to find common ground(共同点), and a new home, in this most gentle of places. 在这人间天堂没有陌生人。





Old Castles of Great Interest 1. Bamburgh Castle was built in 6th century in Northumberland. It was built on a high cliff. It is surrounded on three sides by the sea. Many films were made here. 2. Carlisle Castle was built at the end of the 11th century by William Rufus. It is near Scotland. At first, it was a wooden castle. In 1122, Henry I built walls of stone. 3. Dover Castle was originally a fort, built by the Celts. Then the Romans built a lighthouse, which you can still visit. Later, Bishop Odo of Bayeus built the great Dover Castle. 4. Edinburgh Castle was built in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the 7th century, King Edwin built a fortress on a big rock. Later, it became a great castle. 英国的古老城堡名胜 1. 班博城堡建于公元6世纪,坐落于诺森伯兰郡的一个高耸的悬崖上,三面环海。


2. 卡莱尔城堡由鲁弗斯•威廉于公元11世纪末建成。




3. 多佛城堡最早是一个由凯尔特人修建的要塞。


之后,巴约的厄德主教把它建成了一座雄伟的多佛城堡 4. 爱丁堡城堡坐落于苏格兰爱丁堡。



图片说明:从左到右,从上到下分别为Bamburgh Castle,Carlisle Castle,Dover Castle和Edinburgh Castle 。






ImperialPalace,Italyforpastimperialpalace,wasForbi eImperialPalacecompletedthebrightYunglo18yearsin(in1420),occupiedalandareaof720,000squaremeters,thefloorspace160,000squaremeters,hadthepalacetoconstructmorethan9000,wasChineseandeventheworldextantmostgreatlymostcompleteancienttimespalacearchitecturalcomplex.


Lanzhou, named Jincheng (Gold City) in ancient times, has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is now the capital of Gansu Province. Lanzhou is located on the upper reaches of Yellow River and at the geometric centre of China's continental territory. With the Yellow River going through, the city is sandwiched by mountains on the northern and southern banks. Lanzhou has a total area of about 13,000 square kilometers and includes three counties and five districts under its jurisdiction. There are 38 nationalities dwelling here. The average altitude of Lanzhou is 1520m. The weather in Lanzhou is comparatively good. Winters are not severe, nor is it extremely hot in summer. In midsummer the average temperature is only 22.6℃. In summer and autumn, the city is full of melons and fruit; the air is heavy with aroma of flowers. That is the best time to visit.In the successive hundreds of years, Lanzhou remained a significant city along Hexi Corridor and achieved a long period of prosperity. Due to its long history and special geological position, Lanzhou is endowed with many tourist attractions. Five Spring Park is one of them.Five Spring Park Inside the park there are five springs Ganluquan (Sweet-dew Spring),Juyuequan(Moon-scoping Spring), Moziquan(Child-seeking Spring), Huiquan(Benefit-giving Spring) and Meng Spring, hence the name of Five Spring Mountain. According to a legend, these five springs were found by Huo Qubing, a famous general of Han Dynasty. It is said that when he passed through this area leading troops into the battle, they were thirsty and found no water nearby, so the general whipped the hill and the five springs emerged. These springs, small as they are, have never dried up since then. The water, clear and sweet, produces a rare scene in the dry loess plateau. On the main gate of the park, there is an inscription “it is pleasure to visit this famous mountain”, written by Shu Tong, a famous calligrapher in China.100-Li Scenic Zone along the Yellow River1. Zhongshan Iron Bridge Later we will travel along the bank of the Yellow River which is also known as “100-Li Scenic Zone along the Yellow River”. Our first stop is Zhongshan Iron Bridge which is referred to as “the First Bridge over the Yellow River ” 250 meters long and 8 meters wide, it has 5 arches resting on 4 piers [piə]. The iron bridge was built in 1907 and has witnessed all the changes along the Yellow River in the last century. Now it has already been 100 years old and retired, only allowing walking and bicycling.2.White Pagoda Park White Pagoda Park is famous for a white pagoda of Yuan Dynasty. The white pagoda is snow-white with a round foundation. 17 meters high, it has 7 floors and 8 sides on which are many large and small figures of Buddha. On the roof corners, hang copper bells chiming in the breeze. The sound is both solemn and mysterious. The White Pagoda Park is an excellent vantage point for a bird's-eye view of the city. 3.Waterwheel Garden Waterwheel were used to draw water from the Yellow River for irrigation in ancient times. It was first invented in Eastern Han Dynasty(25-220AD) and was introduced into Lanzhou in 1556AD. Since Lanzhou once had more Waterwheels than Hama City in Syria, Lanzhou is now famous for the city of Waterwheel.4. Statue of Mother Yellow River The Yellow River is considered as the Mother of Chinese Nation, Lanzhou is the only provincial capital city that Yellow River runs through. Among all the sculptural works that depict the Yellow River, the statue in Lanzhou City is the most beautiful one in China, and she has the higher artistic value. She was created by the famous sculptor Mrs. He'e in Gansu province and produced by Beijing sculptural factory on the April 30,1986. She is a granite sculpture which is 6 m in length, 2.2m in width, 2.6 in height, and total weight is more than 40 tons. The statue consists of a gentle mother and a lovely boy, which symbolized the Yellow River and the Chinese nation. the carved water wave and fish figure on the base come from the ancient painted poetry art of Gansu, which shows the long historical culture of Gansu.With numerous scenic spots, the southern bank of the Yellow River is also called as “a green corridor”. Lanzhou city is decorated beautifully by Some city sculpture works. among them are Mother Yellow River , Journey to the West, the Green Hope, Rafter Fighting the Wave, Ancient Silk Road, Wild Geese Landing On the Sand etc.


1、Hi, Lucy, long time no see. How is everything going? 好久不见,最近怎么样?;Not so good. 不太好 ;What happened? 怎么啦? You know the final exam is coming and I'm a little worried about my results. 期末考试快到啦,我有点担心我的成绩。

2、Cheer up. I believe you can make it. 振作起来,我相信你能办到的;Thank you. 谢谢;By the way, do you have any plan about your coming holiday? Where do you plan to do? 顺便问下,马上放假了,你们有什么计划吗?想去哪儿?3、And the Yulong mountain is very wonderful. If you have a chance to go to Yunnan, you'd better have a look at it. 玉龙雪山也很棒。

如果你真有机会去,你最好去看下;of courseI will. I will try to persuade my parents to go with me. 当然。


4、What about you? Any good idea?你们呢?有什么想法?I'd like to go to Hangzhou to spend a week at my uncle's. 我会花一周的时间去我在杭州的叔叔家;How are you going there? 你怎么去。

5、How wonderful! I am always dreaming about paying a visit to Beijing. You are so lucky! 太棒啦。


你太幸运了;Yes. There are so many great places of interest in Beijing. 是啊。


拓展资料:一、旅游观光的英语对话:1.E:Our flight doesn't leave for another hour. 艾凡:我们的班机还要一小时才起飞。

Why don't we take a look around these duty-free shops? 咱们何不到免税商店逛逛呢?K:Sure. There's the alcohol and tobacco store. 凯西:好啊。


2.E:You know I don't smoke, and I don't want to lug any bottles around with us. 艾凡:你知道我不抽烟,而且我也不想我们身边一直拖着瓶瓶罐罐的东西。

K:How about as gifts for our relatives in Europe? 凯西:那么把它们当礼物送给欧洲的亲戚怎么样?3.E:I don't know what they like. 艾凡:我不知道他们喜欢什么。

K:Well, then let's take a look around this store. 凯西:那么我们在这家店里四处看看吧。

E:I should have guessed. Perfume and women's accessories. 艾凡:我应该早就猜到的。


4.K:What's wrong with a girl feeling good? 凯西:女孩子觉得很好有什么不对吗?E:Nothing, I guess. But I wouldn't blow all my money here. We still have nine weeks in Europeto go! 艾凡:我想没有。


我们在欧洲还有九个礼拜的日子要过呢! 二、关于旅游观光的英语对话: 1.K:Excuse me, sir. 凯西:先生,抱歉,打扰一下。

M:Yes, how can I help you? 柜台:嗯,有什么需要我效劳的? K:Is this where I pay the airport tax? 凯西:我是不是在这里缴机场税? M:Yes,miss. Just as the sign says. How many? 柜台:没错,小姐。


几份?2.K:I'm sorry, but I've never done this before. How many what? 凯西:对不起,我以前从来没办过。

几份什么呢? M:How many people are you paying the tax for? Just yourself? 柜台:你要缴多少人的机场税?只有你自己个人吗? 3.K:No, me and my boyfriend. The two of us. 凯西:不是,我和我男朋友。


M: They are US$12 each, so you owe me $24. 柜台:一张十二元美金,所以你要付我二十四元。

K:Oh, OK. Uh, here's $30. 凯西:哦,好。


4.K:Oh, OK. I guess I'm a little confused. 凯西:哦,好。


M:We all are the first time we travel overseas. You guys have a nice trip. 柜台:第一次出国谁都会这样的。


K:Thanks, thanks a lot. Bye! 凯西:谢谢,非常谢谢。



Travel A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted. A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same. Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will make great difference. Travel can widen one's knowledge. The farther you go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs as well as geography. If you travel the whole world some day, you will fully understand the globe on which we live. However, too much travel causes tiredness. You get on a bus or a taxi, you travel on the train or in a plane, being patient with the hours needed on your mute from one place to another, that will make you exhausted after a while.